Dear Jana

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the way you handled the sale of my condo at 2929 Zorno Way, Delray Beach , Florida.

I recall my original conversation with you nearly a year ago. Your advice as to when to sell and at what price was right on the "button".

I especially appreciate your working with me in selecting and executing the floor covering as well as all of the replacing of the appliances. I really appreciate the time you spent on this; especially with all the delays on the appliances and their installations.

I also appreciate your cooperation with the title company to make a flawless closing since we were out of town.

My one regret is that the sale was a co-op and you had to share the commission.

If I can ever be of any service to you, feel free to call. I likewise will be happy to speak to any potential clients who might want a reference.

Thanks again for all of our hard work!

Peter N. Bushelman